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The Hope Group owns and operates nine Parker Stores at its branch locations in New England providing "while you wait" replacement of hose assemblies and immediate on-hand access to 3,000 Parker hose, fittings and adapters.

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Engineered Systems

The Hope Group design/builds custom hydraulic, pneumatic, and automation systems for industrial applications

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Combining its technical expertise with a consultative approach, it partners closely with its customers to develop optimal system solutions and component selections.

The Hope Group has a team of two dozen sales engineers calling on accounts throughout New England, which is backed by a team of advance degreed engineers with specialties in hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and software design.

Production Issues at Paper Mill Solved

When a local paper mill began experiencing continuing production issues in its paper rolling and positioning system it turned to The Hope Group for a series of design changes to solve multiple production issues.

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Production Issues at
Paper Mill Solved

Zero Defect
Pneumatic Manifold

When a forward-thinking packaging industry manufacturer approached The Hope Group with a challenge to improve quality, speed up delivery, reduce inventory, and shorten machine build time, the engineering and fabrication team came through with just the right solution.

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Manifold Sub-Assemblies

Mfr. Seeks Improved Connectivity and Reduced Labor Costs
A manufacturer seeking a way to reduce labor costs associated with wiring components into a customized automated gaging machine turned to The Hope Group, which provided a solution with high-speed ethernet IP connectivity.

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Ethernet IP Package

Aerospace Pump
Test Stand

An international manufacturer of aerospace components turned to The Hope Group to assist in the design and construction of an essential piece of testing equipment where high pressure, high temperatures and high flow requirements put electronic coolant pumps to the ultimate test.

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Aerospace Test Stand

PLC/HMI Replaces
Air Logic System

Persistent breakdown issues at a critical bottle washing facility sent a major Fortune 100 U.S. chemical manufacturer looking for a diagnosis and solution to costly downtime and repairs. The Hope Group designed and built a PLC control solution that improved the line's feedback systems, reduced breakdowns and stoppages, and increased productivity.

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PLC Control Solution

Variable Frequency
Hydraulic Power

A national defense contractor assigned The Hope Group the challenge of creating a custom hydraulic power unit to handle large flows at high pressure to actuate a number of linear and rotary devices. Using variable frequency drives, a system was designed that met the customer's requirements and saved energy.

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VFD Hydraulic Power

Crude Oil
Pumping Skid

An oil pipeline pumping station in Egypt required four complete skid packages engineered and fabricated to pump crude oil from the drill site to a storage distribution network. Each 40 foot skid accommodates motorized screw pumps, lubrication systems, large diameter piping, electronic control cabinets and complete instrumentation.

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Skid-Based Pumps

Water System

A semiconductor OEM's requirement to produce a machine skid with a smaller footprint also called for a compact cooling system. The need for portability and ease of operation all contributed to the engineering challenge met by the engineers at The Hope Group.

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Deionized Water System

Drive System

The Hope Group worked closely with the Cog Railway engineers to design and build a fleet of bio-diesel/hydrostatic locomotives to replace the coal-fired steam boiler machines that have climbed the mountain since 1869. A Parker IQAN MDL electronic module controls and monitors the J1939 engine and the Parker/Denison hydrostatic powertrain.

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Hydrostatic Drive System

Propane Gas

A unique energy system required a unique solution to meet increasing demand for a growing community. The Hope Group helped Keene NH solve its challenge to create a stabilized pressure source for its propane gas distribution system through the use of low pressure blowers and an integrated control system.

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Municipal Propane Gas

Gate System

A control system was required for the setting and monitoring of water levels and new locks for the famous San Antonio River Walk excursion boat tourist attraction. This involved design, construction and start-up of three power units and two remote operator panels for controlling the lock system.

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PLC-Driven Gate System

Coil Handling System
A newly-built coil compacting system being installed in China was malfunctioning. The engineers at The Hope Group were contacted based on their experience and knowledge of hydraulic control systems used in the wire drawing industry. The solution included changes in valves, a simplified electrical circuit and a filtration solution.

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Coil Handling System



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