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The Hope Group to Showcase
Automation Products at EASTEC
May 16-18, 2017 in W. Springfield

Showcase to Include Innovations from Parker, Enfield Technologies, and IDEC

Northborough, MA (5-5-2017) - Bill Rodny, VP Automation of The Hope Group, has announced that it will be present at the Eastern States Exposition, or EASTEC for short, May 16-18, 2017 in West Springield, Massachusetts to showcase Automation product innovations from Parker, Enfield Technologies, and IDEC. EASTEC, which is considered to be the East Coast’s premier manufacturing trade show event, is an opportunity for The Hope Group to showcase new products and technology to its manufacturing design and production customers.

According to Bill Rodny, the exhibits will include information about Parker’s Air Saver Unit, Enfield Technologies’ S2 Servo Pneumatic Proportional Control and TR Servo Pneumatic Pressure Control Systems, and IDEC's MicroSmart FC6A PLC. “Our Automation specialists will be available to discuss what we have to offer and help customers select the components best suited to their project needs,” said Rodny.

Parker Air Saver Unit
Parker Air Saver Unit GroupAwarded as the Silver Compressed Product of the Year for 2016 by Plant Engineering, Parker’s Air Saver Unit is a valve that converts a continuous air blow to a pulsed air blow without the need for any other external control. Air is blown with a series of ON and OFF pulses. When the blow is OFF, there is no air consumption. By using switching valve technology the Air Saver Unit can reduce air consumption by up to 50%, which can translate into significant cost savings, according to Rodny. Since air blowing accounts for a large portion of the energy consumption in manufacturing, Rodny advises customers look over a value impact summary with the Air Saver Unit, which also has a link to an energy savings calculator.

The Air Saver Unit improves energy efficiency in air blowing operation without negatively affecting performance, so it is especially suitable for applications such as:

  • Cleaning blows before assembly
  • Swarf removal
  • Ionizer dust removal
  • Cooling and drying applications
  • Liquid removal after the manufacturing process

IDEC MicroSmart FC6A PLC
IDEC MicroSmart FC6A PLCRecognized worldwide with the prestigious Good Design Award for 2016 from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, the new MicroSmart PLC provides the power of a programmable automation controller (PAC) with extremely fast processing speeds, high capacity programming and data memory, and ability to handle up to 520 I/O. As a low-cost controller with a small form factor, it is an ideal fit for demanding applications. Industries suited to the MicroSmart PLC include oil & gas, chemical, solar, marine, packaging, food & beverage, material handling, utility vehicles and OEM machinery and process skids. Within these industries, a wide variety of applications are a good fit for the MicroSmart PLC—especially those requiring control of standalone machines, process skids, vehicles and small-scale systems.

Basic instructions can be executed in 0.042 microseconds, and program memory is 640 kB. There are 1,024 timers, and six of the 512 counters are high-speed at rates up to 100kHz. These capabilities are combined with extensive data and bit memory, double the capacity of a typical micro PLC. These features allow the MicroSmart PLC to handle large programs with complex control requirements such as PID, flow totalization and recipes.

Enfield Technologies Servo Pneumatic Control Systems &
The 30 Day Try Before You Buy Program

Enfield Technologies S2 and TR Servo Pneumatic Control SystemsThe patented servo-pneumatic systems offered by Enfield Technologies provide infinitely variable control of pneumatic devices such as air cylinders and pressure vessels. Enfield Technologies systems are the preferred choice of designers in industrial automation, product testing, and animatronics because our systems operate faster and smoother than alternative systems. The Hope Group will showcase the S2 and TR systems, both of which can be trial-tested for free in your specific application for 30 days as part of the Try Before You Buy Program.

The S2 Servo Pneumatic Proportional Control System is an all in one pneumatic positioning system capable of tackling high speed and high force applications while linearly positioning a cylinder anywhere along its stroke. One compelling aspect of the S2 is tight integration of control algorithms, electronics and mechanical components in one package. Focused on simplifying setup and attaining superior performance, Enfield designed the S2 as a directional control valve with an on-board closed-loop controller, high efficiency valve driver, and sensors to measure differential pressure in the cylinder. Inputs are simply power, cylinder position set-point signal, and cylinder position sensor feedback signal.

The TR Servo Pneumatic Pressure Control System is an all-in-one electronic pressure regulator (E/P & I/P) that converts a voltage or current input into a precise, proportional pressure output. With its internal voice-coil technology, the TR’s high bandwidth/fast response time make it ideal for applications that require quick, accurate pressure control.

There will also be information available on Global Air Preparation products from Parker and the available air compressor equipment from Kaeser and from Hope Air Systems, another subsidiary of THG Corporation, which now offers a line of piston compressors for general industrial use.



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