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Defense / Military
The Defense and Homeland Security requirements nationally have grown dramatically over the past decade and appear positioned to sustain that growth in the years ahead. Through our certification as an ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR Certified manufacturing facility we have successfully introduced ourselves to the regional and national defense manufacturing community as a source for hydraulic, pneumatic, fluid conditioning and sealing solutions.

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Defense / Miltary

Food & Beverage
Food and Beverage producers, such as Gorton's, McCain Foods, HP Hood, Ken's Foods, Polar, and Wachusett Brewing have traditionally turned to The Hope Group for components, engineering and motion and control system solutions to meet their manufacturing requirements. As we now experience a welcome upturn in the country's economy, it is being matched by an increased investment by the food & beverage industry in automation and plant improvement.

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Food & Beverage

Life Sciences
The Life Sciences manufacturing sector in Massachusetts accounted for 30 percent of all exports in 2007 compared to an average of seven percent in all other states. The continuing growth here of this manufacturing sector has driven our response to provide system solutions and components for the pharmaceutical, medical device, bio-technology, drug-delivery, and diagnostic equipment industry.

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Life Sciences

Marine Industry
The Marine manufacturing sectors have transitioned over recent years as the influence of labor cost-savings from overseas competitors has increased the competition for its products. Even though the Marine industry still maintains a net-exporter advantage over European and Asian producers, the competition has driven Marine manufacturers to adopt Lean Manufacturing, Just-in-Time delivery, and Supply Chain Management strategies, which we provide, to maintain their competitive edge.

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Marine Industry

Mobile Hydraulics
For Parker Mobile, the product really does meet the road, supporting utility mobile machinery, trucks, material handling equipment and military vehicles. As an authorized Parker Mobile Technology Center, The Hope Group provides motors, pumps, PTO, cylinders, rotary actuators, hydraulic valves, filtration and fluid. In addition, we can add electronic control for precise motion, innovative new designs to reduce size and a larger choice of functions than ever before.

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Mobile Hydraulics

Power Generation
There are thousands of power plants in New England, some only large enough to power one building; others provide enough energy to light 10,000 homes. But, all of them can benefit from our expertise with hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-mechanical and instrumentation technologies. Whether it's fuel nozzles, burners, scavenge pumps, bleed air valves, servo valves, tube fittings, stainless steel hose, filtration, accumulators or sealing products, we can help.

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Power Generation

Pulp & Paper
The New England pulp & paper industry, particularly in Northern Maine, has been a traditional market for hydraulic power units, lubrication systems, hose assemblies, filtration and instrumentation throughout the plants. With the change in the market over the recent decade, there has been a shift to re-builds and re-fits among the remaining paper plants with an emphasis on increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs. New requirements bring new responses from the hydraulic sales engineers and fabricators at The Hope Group.

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Pulp & Paper

The highly competitive semiconductor industry has a major presence in New England and we have major presence among those manufacturers. The high-tech OEM requirements of the semiconductor industry extends to vacuum preparation, cleanroom environments, chemical and gas delivery, and motion control platforms. According to published reports the Semiconductor industry will increase its spending by 13 percent this year, which translates into growth opportunities for The Hope Group.

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