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20 - 30 HP Rotary with Dryer

Challenge: How to improve product quality and help reduce wear on production equipment, improve cooling and reduce noise levels at a reasonable cost with a small rotary compressor.

Myth: Smaller compressed air systems are inherently noisy with no reliable way to reduce vibration, noise and dirt.

Learn from us: The Kaeser AS T Series of compressed air systems are available in models offering 20, 25 or 30 HP with an integrated refrigerated dryer. These innovative units combine Kaeser's Sigma Profile single-stage, flooded airend with high-efficiency motors, heavy-duty construction and simple modern controls. A clever cabinet design contributes to reduced noise and a compact footprint to save space.

In addition, a lot of attention was paid to ease of maintenance. Many features make the Kaeser AS T Series of air compressors easy to service, including:

  • easy access from front
  • automatic belt tensioning
  • quick fluid change system
  • front panel window to view fluid level indicator
  • spin-on 10 micron fluid filter
  • cartridge style 4 micron inlet filter
  • cleanable cooler filter

Optimized Air Flow Design: The Kaeser AS T Series of compressors features an optimized air flow design. Air is drawn into separate cooling zones for the drive motor and coolers. This "split cooling" design eliminates pre-heating, increasing cooling efficiency without increasing power consumption. Cooler temperatures also promote longer lubricant and longer motor life. Cooling air is exhausted through a single port at the top of the cabinet. Ducting this air enables energy-saving heat recovery and further reduces noise. Air for compression enters through a separate grill on the back side of the cabinet. It is then filtered through a two-stage 4 micron air intake filter. This filter protects the airend and extends fluid drain intervals.

The Hope Group responds: The Kaeser AS T Series offers many innovations and features normally associated with larger compressor systems:

Superior Cabinet Design

The innovative cabinet design reduces noise and footprint while offering easy access for service. A heavy-duty metal enclosure with a durable powder-coated finish keeps noise in but dirt and dust out. Thick sound insulation keeps noise levels as low as 67dB, up to 10 DB quieter than comparable units.

Sigma Control System

A simple and reliable interface offers convenient pressure control and system monitoring with status displays and service indicators. Displays include discharge pressure and temperature, load and service hours as well as fault indicators.

Sigma Profile Airend

Our power-saving, proprietary airend design delivers pressures up to 217 psig. Kaeser uses a newly designed airend for this AS series. It is precision-machined to close tolerances and optimized in size and profile to match the low airend speeds with their best specific performance, up to 20 percent less energy than comparable airends.

TEFC Motor

High-efficiency, totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) motors with Class F insulation are standard for long life in harsh environments. Tri-voltage 208-230/460 or 575 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz is standard. Other voltages are available. EPAct compliant, Magnetic Wye-Delta reduced voltage starters ensure low starting current and smooth acceleration.

Belt Drive with Automatic Tensioning

A new ribbed single belt drive efficiently transfers power from motor to airend. The Kaeser automatic tensioning device maintains proper tension to maximize energy efficiency, prolong belt life and simplify routine maintenance.

Efficient Separator System

A three-stage separator combines centrifugal action and a two stage coalescing filter to reduce fluid carry over to two ppm or less. Quick release fittings, drain and fill ports are arranged for fast and easy fluid changes from sump and cooler without any pumping device. The easy-to-read fluid level indicator can be checked without opening or stopping the compressor.

High Efficiency Coolers

Conveniently located on the outside of the unit, standard high efficiency coolers provide maximum cooling resulting in approach temperatures as low as 11 degrees Fahrenheit for more moisture separation at the compressor discharge and better air quality. A filter mat simplifies cooler maintenance. Dirt and dust build up on the outside of the filter, where it is easily seen and removed. This extends cooler service intervals and increases thermal reserve for harsher conditions.



20 - 30 HP Rotary & Dryer
The Kaeser AS-T Series of compressors are available from 20 to 30 HP with an integrated refrigerated dryer. Maintenance is easy with access from the front, automatic belt tensioning, quick fluid change system, and cleanable cooler filter.


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