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The Hope Group owns and operates eight Parker Stores at its branch locations providing "while you wait" replacement of hose assemblies and immediate on-hand access to 3,000 Parker fluid connector parts.

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CNG Fueling Station Conveyance & Dispensing

CNG Nozzle and Nozzle Dock
Located on the fill line, the NGV C2 Type II nozzle acts as a fuel dispenser for CNG vehicles. Situated on the fueling station, our NGVND nozzle dock (not shown) holds the nozzle when not in use, keeping it clean and readily accessible.


CNG Vent Line Breakaway
Placed on the fuel return line, our B887 breakaway ensures the venting of the CNG hose in the event of a "drive off."

  • Reliable performance

  • NGV4.4 compliance pending

CNG Fill Line Breakaway
NGVBCN2 breakaway in 3/8" size provides an important safety feature. It allows the hose to
safely disconnect in the event of a "drive off,"
sealing the CNG in the line to effectively prevent leaking.

  • Pressure balanced

  • Reliable performance

Seal-Lok Oring Face Seal (ORFS)
Fittings for CNG Applications

Leak-free, vibration-resistant, ORFS threaded connection available in inch (1/4" to 3/4") and metric (6 mm to 20 mm) sizes for high or low-pressure CNG applications using hard tube or hose.

  • Utilizes captive o-ring groove for positive seal retention

  • Zero clearance fitting system permits ease of plumbing, especially for tight installation

  • Resistance to over-torque (if under 200% of assembly torque), no assembly gauge required

  • Unlimited reusability due to elastomeric seal, no component damage can occur

  • Seal-Lok fittings with CNG approved
    o-ring compound are ECE R110, ANSI NGV 3.1-2012 / CSA 12.3-2012, and ISO 15500 compliant

CNG High Pressure Hose
Conveys CNG from the storage tank to the dispenser and into the vehicle. Specially developed for this application, Parker's CNG hose is constructed of an electrically conductive nylon core designed to dissipate static buildup. Rated to 180°F (82°C) at 5,000 psi.

  • Conforms to and listed per: NFPA 52, ANSI / IAS NGV 4.2-1999,
    CSA 12.52-M99

  • Electrically conductive

  • Dampens vibration and noise

  • Up to 30% lighter than rigid tubing

  • Very flexible. Easy to install with faster routing and simple maintenance

  • Robust hose design resists fatigue, corrosion, and environmental effects

  • Available in a bonded twinline hose construction



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